Change Moderation

The future has already started but employees are not yet all following new pathways with maximum energy. This is how the challenge for many management bodies could be described. Change moderation assists in taking the correct strategic and innovative steps and moving forward together to achieve the best possible future for the company.

“Changes bring happiness if people are working towards a better future!”
(From the book which accompanies the film "Home"


We offer the following range of services:

Strategic workshops 2023+

In the slipstream of our best possible future!

  • Do you want to tune your team in to the 2023+ objectives?
  • Do you wish to generate a spirit of optimism?
  • Do you wish to define roles, responsibilities, interaction with other sectors and the next steps in the most important projects?


We work in three stages in our strategic workshops:

  1. Looking backwards: Where have we come from? What are we proud of? Which issues are still unresolved?
  2. Looking towards the future: Where do we want to go? What do we really want to achieve? Which topics generate enthusiasm and could have a knock-on effect in the company with an eye towards our customers?
  3. Looking at the next steps: What do we need to do now? What do we need for this? Which areas of conflict require attention?

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Future search conferences

  • Do you have a major change on the horizon which requires the support of as many employees or partners of the company as possible?
  • Do you wish to have the highest possible level of acceptance, participation and commitment regarding the new goals (products, form of organisation etc.)?
  • Are you in a phase which is critical for ultimate success where it is particularly important to combine and organise forces?


Our future search conferences are an extremely modern Change management instrument,

which will help you to kindle the “fire of large groups”, create a communal experience and enable an important step for the development of your organisation. We look forward to discussing the following questions with you for example:

  1. The storyline: Where have you come from? Where do you want to go?
  2. The preparation team: Preparation is the basis for success. Who is affected by the goals which underpin the future search conference? Which people from these target groups can we involve in the preparation?
  3. The format: One, two or three days. One or more locations. Face-to-face and/or digital. Amounts of time for information, dialogue, entertainment, action planning. Visualisation hand-made or with the help of professionals. And how exactly do we define “sustainability” here?

To start the discussion we present our “nine secrets to success”. When will you have time?

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Innovation projects

  • Do you wish to develop products and services which are both profitable and exciting?
  • Do you want to shorten the time “from the idea to the market” and strengthen your most important R & D projects?
  • Do you wish to unleash all the creative and innovative expertise in all areas of your company?


Collective intelligence makes the difference.

Unleashing this for the key questions in society, industry and with current or desired customers is a task for the upper echelons of management, which is not always straightforward. With the “Collective Innovation Process” we have developed an approach which will provide help towards significant further developments in your innovation culture. Your technical and innovation centre-piece, R&D, will develop better internal links with Product Management, Sales & Marketing and also externally with customers, suppliers, research institutes and NGOs. Unsaturated market requirements are jointly identified and exciting problem-solving approaches are developed.

The “Collective Innovation Process” can be used for:

  1. Trend impact meetings: What effect do certain trends have on our business?
  2. Product & service development workshops
  3. Project coaching for your most important R&D, sales and marketing projects
  4. The development of an “Innocation training programme” which perceptibly advances innovation expertise with regard to engineering, methodology, mindset etc. throughout the company (Innocation = innovation by education)
  5. Open innovation projects such as workshops with customers, suppliers, universities etc.
  6. Top management determination of location & action plan for the topic of “innovation culture”

We would be delighted to present our experiences and specific concepts for these 6 spheres of activity and join you in developing a solution for your request concerning “innovation”.

Conference moderation

  • Are you planning a groundbreaking conference on a specific future-related topic in your sector?
  • Do you want to have a high quality of vitality, interaction and networking between the content-related contributions?
  • Do you want to “make history” with your conference and do you need a coherent storyline with superb methodological support?

Conferences require an overall concept if they are to become very memorable milestones. This concept must involve the best possible coordination of objectives, content and methods and the interaction between the participants must have a significance equal to that of the actual content of the speakers’ contributions.

We will support you in developing the dramatic staging of the conference and with a lively moderation of your event so that everything is successful and the overriding objectives are attained.

Business succession

  • Are you increasingly concerned about how things will continue once you leave the company?
  • Do you not yet have a really firm idea of how and with whom the future of your company will be secured?
  • Do you wish to have sparring partners when searching for suitable answers to personal, family-related, human resources strategy, legal and financial questions which go hand in hand with this?

Business succession must not be taken for granted; it may succeed but it may also fail or be unsatisfactory. Just finding the right person to take over is a major issue, which most owners / partners / managing directors don’t really tackle until it is too late. In recent years we have built up an excellent small team of experts who can provide quality advice about family dynamics, strategic issues, taxation issues, appointment of a successor and issues concerning personal life planning. We look forward to a non-binding initial consultation!

Annual subscription of “Change moderation”

  • Do you have a large Change management project ahead of you for the next 6 to 24 months?
  • Would you rather energise internal change expertise than send a large team of advisers through the company?
  • Do you require an external sparring partner for the concept, the change communication and the moderation of strategically significant meetings and workshops?

We would be delighted to help you build a “runway for change”, develop a well-thought-out change management roadmap, take on specific tasks within the whole process and simply provide additional help with our expertise, our experience gained in other change projects and our resources.
We can agree a subscription from 6 to 24 months which assures you of a specific number of days per month so that you can plan safely and we can as well.
We look forward to talking to you!

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