„Soulpower@Work – A Workshop“

For more excitement, passion and fulfilment at work!

There are many exciting phases of development from the first 100 days in a post until the time comes to leave professional life. These phases of development are experienced as a big personal challenge. Help can be provided here to enable you to recognise what it is all about deep down. Identification with experiences and dogmas from the past can be resolved and new dreams and images for the future can be developed, which provide the inspiration to take courageous steps forward. A book of the same name is available on the market together with a range of workshops and webinars.

“When our belief systems change, our attitude towards what is possible in the future also changes.”

„Soulpower@Work – A Workshop“

All professional phases – from training through to retirement from paid work – provide opportunities for our soul to learn, to develop the life force within ourselves and to live joyfully. SOULPOWER@WORK is a book for people who wish to advance their professional objectives and deal with challenges successfully.

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