“Communities require a better culture of relationships if they are to be fit for the future. A culture in which each individual feels necessary, feels that all the people are interlinked, that they can learn from one another and grow together.”

Prof. Gerald Hüthner in “Communal intelligence: Development of potential in cities and municipalities.”

Energise communal intelligence to the full!

In times when non-voters represent the second largest group and an insidious erosion of liberal, democratic European values appears to be taking place, it is all the more important to involve citizens in the issues which affect them directly at the location and make them part of the decision making processes in addition to the political and administrative bodies.

We can assist in the successful creation of participation processes in communities, whether this involves conducting round table talks on critical community issues, the moderation of a public meeting, the arrangement of future search conferences in communities or the development of a completely individual format for energising civil society, as we achieved with the “Forum Courage Markgräfler Land” for example.

What are the community challenges for which you wish to see a whole new quality in terms of the involvement of citizens or other experts? We will be at your side and we will be delighted to advise you!

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Examples of projects:


  • The “Forum Courage” is an association of people who practise civil engagement for the common good. In this process the participants show a courageous commitment to justice, participation and diversity in the Markgräfler Land region. The “Forum Courage” is initiated, organised and sponsored by the Protestant church district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald www.forumcourage.de
  • “Everyone at one table?! New approaches to civic participation in Offenburg”. Moderation of the workshop with State Councillor Gisela Erler and 120 participants.
  • “The new penal institution: What does it mean for our town?” Moderation of the “round table talk” and a public meeting with 700 participants and the Minister of Justice for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in Rottweil.
  • Moderation of a public meeting on the controversial topic “Todtnau nature resort: Construction of a four-star hotel on the Radschert” with 500 participants in the “Todtnau mountain environment”

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